iComfort Device

Does the battery last too short?

Update firmware with the file received by iComfort technical support

Does the sensor not read the correct temperature and humidity?
  • Discharged batteries or power failure?
  • Low battery?
  • Direct sunlight on the sensor?
  • Conditioning: check that the sensor is not positioned in front of the fancoil
  • Try moving closer to the gateway
Does the sensor communicate but reset frequently?
  • In the case of a battery sensor, check that the batteries are new and with the right charge. Not new batteries may not deliver enough current.
  • In the case of a USB type sensor, check that there is not too much distance between the sensor and the power supply. Make sure to use a USB cable equipped with ferrite and that the distance between the power source and the sensor does not cause voltage drops.
  • Verify that the transformer is capable of delivering 0.2 amps
The sensor does not recognize people?
  • Lens obscured by obstacles?
  • Currents or direct sunlight?
  • Damaged lens, check that the sensor has not been hit
The sensor is offline?
  • Check ignition
  • Check radio channel in use
  • Check battery
  • Check if other sensors are operational; if functioning then the sensor could be damaged
Is the detection performed by the sensor too wide?

blur the lens of the detection sensor